Fees, Payments & Insurance

Woman with dogI prefer to offer lower cost services, so that most people can afford to feel better. Any investment in neurofeedback is a bargain in health and well-being compared with most other options.

Very few neurofeedback providers take insurance. The average cost of a neurofeedback session in the USA is $125. Most neurofeedback providers require starting with a 19 wire QEEG brain map plus other testing costing up to $1000.

My 2 wire EEG assessment is standard part of the first session. (More wires are not better.)


  • I don’t take Medicare, Medicaid, Personal Choice or any Magellan affiliate.
  • I do take Aetna, Cigna, and Optum (United Healthcare), and some others: Health Net Federal Services, BCBS of PA Highmark, Magnacare, Meritain Health, Penn Behavioral Health.
  • If I take your insurance, that will cover the psychotherapy session, but does not include the Technology Fee. This is to cover my costs of equipment. The Technology Fee ranges between $25 and $60 per session on a sliding scale.
  • If I don’t take your insurance, or you want to pay cash, I have a sliding scale which includes the Technology Fee. The sliding scale goes between $80 for those of slim means up to $130 for those doing well.
  • If you have out of network benefits, you should receive reimbursement for the office visit for psychotherapy. I can bill this for you or I can provide you with a superbill.
  • Plan on paying for 20 sessions and we’ll see if you need more.

If you want to check if I take your insurance, send me your insurance card, Name, SSN, and DoB.  I will find out about your annual deductibles and “Specialist” co-pays. This will take a two or three days

At these prices, neurofeedback is a huge bargain for health, well-being and quality of life. I also offer discounts from 10 to 20% for multiple sessions paid in advance.

Forms of payment

Cash, check, credit card or Venmo.


If you complete a course of 25 sessions within 3 months and have not achieved significant reduction in any presenting concerns, I will waive the Technology fee for 5 more sessions.

Why doesn’t insurance cover neurofeedback?

Insurance coverage for biofeedback is spotty. A few places and plans do cover biofeedback and neurofeedback for certain conditions. As research and acceptance grows biofeedback should become more broadly covered in the future. The cost/benefit is strong.

Home training is an option for some people. The biggest advantage is being able to work with the whole family as often as you can. You need to be psychologically and financially stable, somewhat tech savvy and good at solving problems. I can get you started with an initial assessment.

Contact Tina Buck. https://neurofeedbackhomeuser.com/

“I used to have mental problems that would consume my life.
But now I’m just living a great life.”

“I can’t believe how much this biofeedback helped me overcome that head trash.
Life is so much better now.”

“I have grown so much over the past 2 months.
This freedom is wonderful.”

“This is amazing. I feel so good every time we are done with a session.
Such a huge impact on my life. Thank you.”

“Biofeedback has been great for me.
It really worked to overcome my issues.”

“I used to have a slew of problems.
Those are gone now and I have moved on.”

Will biofeedback be good for me?

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