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What is Biofeedback and Neurofeedback?

Biofeedback is using any bio metric device to view and control bio output.  Hold a thermometer and you can raise your hand temperature.

Neurofeedback is looking into a mind mirror and self-adjusting the rough edges.

That is watching an aspect of your brain’s activity and renormalizing for optimal functioning.  Draining wasted energy and plugging leaks feels like a relief.  It is calming and universally improves stability, resilience, flexibility and subtlety.  At fundamental bio-electric levels you can learn to drop flailing spurts and .

Be in the zone, right now.

Can you get into the top performance zone whenever you want? We can show your brain how to do that. At will. This means top performance levels, much more of the time.

Some days you are just hot. Right on the money. You feel very competent. Life is good, work is great, and things go your way, because you are making things happen so well.

Most days are more normal. Ups, downs, no great sync. Then there are those other days…

Within 10 weeks we can get your top performers to have many more ‘best days.’ Not all the time, but much more often. Partly the benefit comes from greater focus and concentration. Nobody has enough flexible attention.

To ‘psych yourself up’ for an important presentation is really a kind of increased power of self-regulation. This is the kind of skill that can be trained with a well-tested technology now ready for business.

The healthiest top performers get the most economic benefits from brainwave biofeedback. The superstars love the greater mental clarity and emotional flexibility they get.

The best executives are delighted to improve their creativity, decision-making and their improved ability to turn on and “be the zone”. Not 15-30% of the time, but there 70% of the time “in the zone, at your best.”

The 30-year old biofeedback technology has matured and is now ready for business. We come into your business and deliver the half-hours sessions.

I’ll bet you have never seen anything like it. Everything about brainwave biofeedback from an EEG will astound you–especially the broad range of benefits that come from …

look > learn > control.

Neural awareness enhances central self-regulation.