Bio Gary Ames

Gary Ames, M.A. (Psychology) San Francisco State University. M.B.A. (Training and Development) Temple University. Gary has been a college teacher, trainer and coach for 30 years. Currently a licensed psychologist specialized in biofeedback and neurofeedback. [...]

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Bucks Co. Autism slides

Treat Autism at the Source with Neurofeedback: Effective, Quick, and Flexible Try My Toys Temp. Hold blue bulb or Hand over sensor. Prefer higher numbers to find relaxation. EmWave. Get pulse. Breathe with lights. Red [...]

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High Quality ADHD Research

Children With ADHD Realize Significant Benefits From Neurofeedback Training In a Randomized Clinical Trial February 20th, 2009 ยท by cfisher In a yet unpublished study (in press), researchers* report that children with ADHD who underwent [...]

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ADHD Studies

Fernandez, T., et al, 2007, Changes in EEG current sources induced by neurofeedback in learning disabled children. An exploratory study. Appl. Psychophysiol. Biofeedback, 32(3-4): 169-183. The objective of this work was to explore Neurofeedback (NFB) [...]

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