EEG Biofeedback by Brain Paint

Brain Paint is advanced neurofeedback software program designed to
improve how the brain functions by restoring balance to brain wave frequencies at various locations.

Real results from recent clients

What are the issues that are most impacting the quality of your life? What is the frequency, intensity, duration or impact on your life from this issue?

Defining those issues is about the first thing we will do together. We want to create goals that are relevant to you. And these descriptions should be specific with numbers or consequences so that we can track progress at the beginning of every session.

Progress means that issue has gone down. 100% resolved means that issue has gone away completely. It is reasonable to expect at least a 50% reduction in the issues that most impact the quality of your life.

When we get to issues being 30-40% resolved, we find that the biggest problem you were having in your life, is no longer your biggest problem.

Recent client results based on reports at their last session

  • Anger: Raise my voice with someone at work more than once a day. 78% resolved.
  • Attention: Every month I lose money having to pay penalty fees for overdue bills. 83% resolved.
  • Insecurities: Feel down about my appearance. Notice these bad thoughts twice a day. 90% resolved.
  • Pain: Migraine pain level is 30. That is 6 hours * average pain level 5. 77% resolved, able to do much more in my life with tolerable pain.
  • Sleep: It takes me 90-120 minutes to fall asleep every night. 100% resolved. Just not a problem anymore.
  • Attention: I can’t read a paragraph without my mind wandering at least once. 100% resolved. No more problems even reading dense material.
  • Nightmares: I have negative dreams about 3 times per week. 90% resolved.
  • Mood swings: About 2-3 times per week I get overly stimulated. I speak fast or am almost overwhelmed with ideas. 50% resolved.
  • Anxiety: My whole body feels overstimulated at least 4-5 times per week. 95% resolved.
  • Attention: It takes me 90-120 minutes to do 30 minutes worth of work. 75% resolved.
  • Attention: I spend at least 60-90 minutes a day looking for things I carelessly misplaced. 85% resolved.
  • Anger: When I get mad about something it usually last for 90 minutes. 85% resolved.
  • Addictions: Drink alone every night. Trouble coping with vulnerable parts of the day. 65% resolved.
  • Pain: My migraines are a 9/10. 80% resolved. Now down to 2/10.
  • Pain: My neuropathy pain levels are a 7/10. 70% resolved. Now down to 2/10.
  • Panic: I feel like I can’t breathe at least 10-15 times per week. 85% resolved.
  • Depression: I wake with negative emotions most mornings and this lasts until noon. 80% resolved.
  • Fatigue: The slightest activities leave me feeling exhausted and overworked. 85% resolved.
  • PTSD: I become distracted with painful memories / experiences 70% of my free time. 100% resolved.
  • PTSD: I avoid things that remind me of trauma 10 times a week. 100% resolved.
  • PTSD: I’m always on guard and have feeling like something bad is going to happen about 50% of my day. 100% resolved.
  • Anxiety: My whole body feels an emotional wave 1-2 times a day. 75% resolved.
  • Anxiety: Longest time without worrying is 3 hours. 85% resolved.
  • Depression: Suffer dread about 1 time a day. 75% resolved.
  • Insecurities: Tear up in confrontational conversations 3 x week. 50% resolved.
  • Obsessionality: Currently spend 50% of my day thinking about some aspect of my body I don’t like. 65% resolved.
  • Executive Functioning Skills: Jump in to complete a task that other might do later. 2x day. 85% resolved.
  • Anger: I yell at something 20 times a day. 70% resolved.
  • Addiction: Eat chocolate with compulsion or regret. 100% resolved.
  • Anger: Barking dog can’t be ignored. TV noise doesn’t stop bothering me. 95% resolved.
  • Attention: I forget what I’m doing or what task needs to be completed 5-10 times a day. 90% resolved.
  • Anger: When I get mad it usually lasts for 2-3 hours. 70% resolved.
  • Addictions: I went to the bar on Saturday night and tried to have a good time like I always do, but it didn’t work.  You ruined alcohol for me.
  • Addictions:  I was smoking pot with my friends and I realized all my friends were idiots.
  • Addictions:  You spoiled grass for me.  It just doesn’t do it like it did before.
  • Addictions: I was binging and purging 6 times a day for 25 years.  But after neurofeedback I just stopped for the first time ever.
  • Anxiety: I used to feel like there was a gun to the back of my head.  But no more.  I’ve really developed by artistic abilities and am enjoying life.

Gary Ames is a nice man.  He is easy to talk to and I can feel that he cares.  We don’t spend a lot of time talking, but I get to say enough to get something valuable out of every conversation.

“I used to have a slew of problems.
Those are gone now and I have moved on.”

“I used to have mental problems that would consume my life.
But now I’m just living a great life.”

“This is amazing. I feel so good every time we are done with a session.
Such a huge impact on my life. Thank you.”

“I have grown so much over the past 2 months.
This freedom is wonderful.”

“Biofeedback has been great for me.
It really worked to overcome my issues.”

“I can’t believe how much this biofeedback helped me overcome that head trash.
Life is so much better now.”

Will biofeedback be good for me?