Enhanced self-awareness for better self-control —

brings auto-self-regulation for self-empowerment.

In all biofeedback we use bio-sensors to magnify your self-awareness. Then we use a display to train you in self-control over your nervous system. When intentional skill building is learned with biofeedback, it enhances mind-body functionality. You gain greater range, flexibility and resilience over what the nervous system does all the time. Even in sleep.

In EEG biofeedback (a form of neurofeedback) we use bio-sensors to measure the flow of your brain waves. That signal is amplified by an EEG. Then it is reflected back to you in a useful audio and video display. Sounds encourage or reward certain brain wave patterns and discourage other patterns. The video display shows you fractal images that change based on the shapes of your brain waves.  This aids self-organization.

Think of this as rousing up the lazy waves and quieting the overactive. It’s all about the enhanced capacity for self-regulation. You’ll learn to recruit the best neural tools to optimize thinking and feeling and to succeed in your goals.  That’s self-empowerment.

The EEG Biofeedback Experience

You sit in a chair with sensors on your head that read your brain waves (nothing goes into you). Your brain waves flow into the EEG and then a computer. The software produces rapid images that reflect your brain waves and plays sounds that guide you toward healthier patterns. A 2-minute YouTube sample.

This is not about words or mental insights. The purpose is to balance the production of fast and slow brain waves on the left and right side to enhance the quality of life.

Neurofeedback is exercise that makes your mind stronger with practice.  When you practice better brain balance and neural self-regulation, and you will become more healthy, sane, competent and wise (less foolish).

The sounds and images come very fast — too fast for the mind. But not too fast for the brain to process the guidance. During neurofeedback you are an interested passenger getting a brain tune up. The experience is interesting and relaxing.

EEG biofeedback is a little like learning to drive a car down the center of the lane — ‘more like this in the middle,’ ‘less like that on the edge.’ With EEG biofeedback training you self-repair and re-wire the way your brain works.

Neurofeedback doesn’t hurt anybody

Anybody can do it. Nobody wants to back to the way they were. No electricity flows into you.

The EEG reads what you are doing and uses audio-visual guidance to train you to make brain wave production literally more complex. After 50 years of experience and research, we know that this is very good for many mental health issues.

Research consistently finds ~80% success rates across a broad range of conditions. Experienced clinicians like me get even higher success rates because we can exercise judgement. Significant improvements in quality of life are typical and these results last.

For a more complete description of EEG Biofeedback, Assessment, Confidentiality, Frequency of Training, Medication Interactions, Therapeutic Indications, Right to Discontinue Training, Cost, Qualifications of the Trainer and the Duty to Detect and Report your Experience – see the Informed Consent.

You change the fractal images dozens of times per second.
Each symptom is rated every session. Then ratings are stacked on the graph.
Squeeze and the numbers go up. Can you make them go down evenly? Biofeedback!

“I used to have mental problems that would consume my life.
But now I’m just living a great life.”

“Biofeedback has been great for me.
It really worked to overcome my issues.”

“This is amazing. I feel so good every time we are done with a session.
Such a huge impact on my life. Thank you.”

“I can’t believe how much this biofeedback helped me overcome that head trash.
Life is so much better now.”

“I have grown so much over the past 2 months.
This freedom is wonderful.”

“I used to have a slew of problems.
Those are gone now and I have moved on.”


Overview of EEG biofeedback
What is Neurofeedback: An Update
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Professional Organization
www.ISNR.org International Society for Neurofeedback and Research

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