Articles (PDF)

  1. Effects of an EEG Biofeedback Protocol on a Mixed Substance Abusing Population
  2. An Open Clinical Trial Utilizing Real-Time EEG Operant Conditioning as an Adjunctive Therapy in the Treatment of Crack Cocaine Dependence
  3. Evaluation of Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback Composed with Scott and Kaiser Protocol as a Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
  4. Quantitative Electroencephalography-Guided Versus Scott/Peniston Neurofeedback With Substance Use Disorder Outpatients: A Pilot Study
  5. Neurofeedback Effects on Evoked and Induced EEG Gamma Band Reactivity to Drug-related Cues in Cocaine Addiction
  6. Short-term Beneficial Effects of 12 Sessions of Neurofeedback on Avoidant Personality Accentuation in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder
  7. The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Therapy in Craving of Methamphetamine Use
  8. Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training as a Treatment for Opioid-Dependent Patients
  9. Neurofeedback Training as a New Method in Treatment of Crystal Methamphetamine Dependent Patients: A Preliminary Study
  10. Effects of an EEG Biofeedback Protocol on a Mixed Substance Abusing Population
  11. Automated Neurofeedback Brain-training as a Primary ADHD Intervention
  12. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors – An Assessment of an Automated EEG Biofeedback System for Attention Deficits in a Substance Use Disorders Residential Treatment Setting
  13. Disseminating Neurofeedback for the Treatment of Childhood ADHD: The Importance of Neurocognitive Assessments
  14. Reducing surgical residents’ burnout using neurofeedback
  15. Neurofeedback Treatment on Depressive Symptoms and Functional Recovery in Treatment-Resistant Patients with Major Depressive Disorder: an Open-Label Pilot Study
  16. Elsevier Editorial System(tm) for Practical Radiation Oncology – Manuscript Draft
  17. Neurofeedback Tunes Scale-Free Dynamics in Spontaneous Brain Activity
  18. Plastic modulation of PTSD resting-state networks and subjective well being by EEG neurofeedback
  19. Neuro-Feedback Training For Overweight Women: Improvement of Food Craving And Mental Health
  20. Improving Cognitive Workload in Radiation Therapists: A Pilot EEG Neurofeedback Study
  21. EEG Analysis of the Neurofeedback Training Effect in Algorithmic Thinking
  22. EEG-neurofeedback for optimising performance. I: A review of cognitive and affective outcome in healthy participants
  23. Regulation of arousal via online neurofeedback improves human performance in a demanding sensory-motor task
  24. Insomnia in Returning Service Members: an Early Intervention in Combat Stress
  25. PET Imaging of Dopamine Neurotransmission During EEG Neurofeedback
  26. Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback Increases Mentalization and Default Mode Network connectivity in a Non-Clinical Sample
  27. 19 Channel Z-Score and LORETA Neurofeedback: Does the Evidence Support the Hype?
  28. Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback Increases Mentalization and Default Mode Network Connectivity in a Non-Clinical Sample
  29. The effect of neurofeedback on a brain wave and visual perception in stroke: a randomized control trial

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Topics include:  Addictions, cravings, ADHD, depression, PTSD, competence, burnout, sleep, attention, personality, etc.

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