Autism study

Neurofeedback For Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Promising Results In A Small Sample Jan 23rd, 2009 by cfisher NeuronsReaders not familiar with neurofeedback will want to might want to first review Neurofeedback: Brainwave Therapy to better understand [...]

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Treating Crack

Treatment Effects Related to EEG-Biofeedback for Crack Cocaine Dependency in a Faith-Based Homeless Mission V. Shannon Burkett, MA, John M. Cummins, PhD, Robert M. Dickson, LPC, and Malcolm H. Skolnick, PhD, JD Southwest Health Technology [...]

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Youth Study

Neurotherapy with Youth Offenders and Young Addicts: A Pilot Study of the Integration of Remedial Neurotherapy Training into a Therapeutic Community Peter Smith, Psy. D. , BCIAC-Fellow Marvin W. Sams, N.D., R. EEG T., BCIAC-Fellow [...]

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Sleep Program

The insomnia program is designed to work with your body and brain to allow you get to sleep and stay asleep without drugs.  Clients tell me they sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. The [...]

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Neurofeedback Proven to Help Sleep

Self-Modification of Brain Activity May Improve Sleep By Todd Neale, Staff Writer, MedPage Today Published: October 01, 2008 Reviewed by Robert Jasmer, MD; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco     SALZBURG, Austria, Oct. [...]

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