Do you have salespeople who:

  • Talk too much and listen too little.
  • Won’t plan, follow through or finish tasks.
  • Procrastinate, ignore details and make careless mistakes.
  • Don’t stay focused on the proper goals.

And who may:

  • Become easily bored and frustrated.
  • Under-perform while always over-active.

The brain power sales training program improves mental clarity, emotional stability and quality of sleep.  The results are guaranteed to impact both top line sales performance and bottom line sales productivity.

Modern training technology works directly with the mind to optimize it for greater efficiency and effectiveness.  There is plenty of research to prove that this approach can improve cognitive functioning such as attention, memory, problem solving ability and intelligence.  People generally say that work is easier and they are able to concentrate without emotional distractions. And everybody benefits from more restorative sleep.

The training is basically brainwave monitoring in a feedback loop that shows you when you are on track and when you’ve veering off.  Within the loop you can learn by trial and error exactly how to use more brain power.

One-on-one training sessions last 1 hour each. Ten to 20 training sessions occur on-site 1 to 3 times per week.  Eight people a day can be handled by one trainer. Sessions can also be conducted in my office in Bala Cynwyd.

A few people feel a benefit right away.  Everybody can identify a benefit after 6 sessions. In any individual, the areas needing the most improvement tend to respond first. The training experience is usually described as either relaxing, pleasant or interesting.   All benefits are long-term because showing the brain a better way to work is naturally retained.  Brainwaves are an excellent focus for training because the central nervous system is central to all that you do.


TOP LINE sales revenue increases from improved:

  • Persistence in prospecting – to get more leads.
  • Resilience in the face of rejection – to keep on track.
  • Accuracy in qualifying prospects – to improve closing ratio.
  • Listening, empathy, rapport – to establish crediblity and trust.
  • Creative presentations to meet needs – and gain acceptance.
  • Charisma, melodious voice, likeable demeanor – relationships are key.
  • Flexibility in approaches to closing – continuous improvement.
  • Ability to stay on point and recall details of conversation – less slippage.
  • Ability to keep it together under pressure – and stay in The Performance Zone.
  • Cognitive skills for planning and problem solving – to work smarter.
  • Capacity for details and envisioning completion – for problem prevention.
  • More complete and timely follow-through – handle it once.
  • Respond to sales goals – with flexibility.
  • Increased sales per person, per account, per time, per sale – name of the game.
  • Profitability of sales – top line effectiveness.
  • Closing ratio – efficiency.

BOTTOM LINE sales productivity improvements to lower the cost of sales from:

  • More revenue and profit per account –
  • Retention of Accounts, Annuity revenue, Sole sourcing.
  • Greater customer loyalty, fuller account development and continuity.
  • Better referrals.
  • Smoother sales delivery and implementation.
  • Fewer complaints, rejections, returns, or rework.
  • Administrative reporting that is more useful, complete, accurate and timely.
  • Stronger teamwork.  Fewer personality problems. Better performance in non-sales tasks.
  • Greater wellness and time on task.
  • Lower turnover.