Treat Autism at the Source with Neurofeedback: Effective, Quick, and Flexible

Try My Toys

  • Temp. Hold blue bulb or Hand over sensor.
    • Prefer higher numbers to find relaxation.
  • EmWave. Get pulse. Breathe with lights.
    • Red > Blue > Green,
  • Stress Eraser. Make smooth waves. Triples.
  • pRoshi. Flashing glasses.
    • Eyes closed. Adjust round knob. Flip toggle.
  • Treadmill for the brain. Respond to chaos challenge.

Treat autism at the source with neurofeedback: effective, quick, and flexible

  • Replicated, controlled research proving substantial treatment effects with neurofeedback.
  • Results have up to p>.001 significance on all measures.
  • They document a 40% reduction in all symptoms across the board.
  • Success rates are 90%.

Treat autism at the source with neurofeedback: effective, quick, and flexible

  • Neurofeedback is brain self-training to treat autism at the source.
  • Reverse the mechanism of action of a diagnostic marker at the site of the disorder.
  • Broad symptom relief is substantial and permanent and corellated with marker.
  • Pleasant, natural, non-invasive, no drugs, no adverse reactions.
  • Some neurofeedback methods can be used in the home, community and school.

Treat autism at the source with neurofeedback: effective, quick, and flexible

  • What does biofeedback and neurofeedback feel like?
  • How tightly linked are autistic symptoms and brain wave patterns? Hint: r=.87
  • Learn about various EEG training approaches.
  • What are the brain wave coherence issues we repair with neurofeedback?
  • How can you gain biofeedback control over regional cerebral blood flow?
  • Hear about cases of complete remission from autism.
  • Get an update on the autism and neurofeedback research.
  • Discover how easy it is to do training in your office, home or school.

Neurofeedback training
Biofeedback – Neurofeedback – Neurotherapy

  • In biofeedback, biological information is fed back to you. You look into a behavioral mirror and learn to influence the variations. Aim, reach, stretch. > Range, flexibility.
  • Neurofeedback feeds back neurological information – EEG or HEG. Learning, exercise, maturation.
  • Feedback can be numbers, lights, tones, games, or modulations in any DVD.
  • The client just watches their favorite movies which occassionally dims or pause briefly until the brain is working better. If you can see it, you can control it.
  • Neurotherapy or Neuromodulation is adding energy to the brain: i.e.
  • CES (alpha-stim), LENS, Roshi, NeuroField, VNS, rTMS.

How is EEG neurofeedback done?

  • Neurotherapist Screen
  • Brain Wave
  • Amplitude & Frequency
  • Neurofeedback client screen
  • Brain Self-Regulation
  • Brain Self-Regulation
  • The consious mind is the last to know.
  • Neuro – factoids

Electrophysiological studies provide direct support of the “functional underconnectivity” theory of autism.

Autistic Brains

  • In autism we see big spikes of intensity in slow brain waves.
  • There are also disturbances in communication between sites within the brain.
  • Hypoconnectivity = hyper independence.
  • Everybody is shouting; nobody is listening.

Z-Score training early. Z-Score training later.
2004 Hervey Bay school-based neurofeedback pilot project

ASD pilot study
Pilot study results: percentage of improvement on ATEC
HEG research
Nir HEG research
HEG research
HEG research – Results
EEG research
Combined research
Case of SL
SL – EO Pre and Post
SL – EC Pre and Post
3 Mom’s Report

  • Eric went back to school today and his behavior was SOOO CALM!!! Eric had 0 incidents of inappropriate touching, 0 tantrums, 0 time outs and went along with everything in school.
  • Aaron is a different kid. I could cry. It’s a miracle. He’s excited to go to school.
  • Of all the different treatments Susan has received, neurofeedback is the only one that really worked.

Join me. Please compete against me.

  • Anybody can do biofeedback. You need a license to advertise treatment of conditions.
  • Educational or theraputic. Home, school, office.
  • Costs $1800 – $10,000 to get up and running. Learning curve varies widely depending on system.
  • International Society of Neurofeedback and Research
  • Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
  • NorthEast Regional Biofeedback Society
  • Pennsylvania Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine.
  • Yahoo groups. News groups – email club. Search neurofeedback.

Join me. Please compete against me.


  • – stand alone, PC or wireless.
  •, Diverse options, Z-Score.
  • – NeuroCARE – NeurOptimal.
  • uses Nintendo or X-Box.
  •—single channel, helmet
  •– Various.
  • Others: Stens, ThoughTechnology
  • QEEG
  • LENS Low Energy NF System.

Healing Gadgets
Entry level biofeedback

  • Stress Thermometer – Temp.
  • GSR & HRV
  • GSR & HRV
  • HRV
  • HRV
  • CES
  • E-Z Air Free breath pacer.

Heart Rate Variability

  • Tic-toc ? Lub-dub RSA
  • HRV is well established marker for health and well-being.
  • 3 ways to maximize HRV now.
    • Breath pacer, biofeedback, feel the love.
  • A resonance frequency in the body where heart rate occilations are in coherent phase with breathing rhythm.

Builds Stress Resilience

  • More harmonious relations at work.
  • Athletes win more games.
  • Performing artists do better on stage.
  • Students do better on stressful tests.
  • Police can run fast and then shoot straight.
  • High blood pressure normalizes.

Calm CNS
Treat Autism at the Source with Neurofeedback: Effective, Quick, and Flexible