ADD or AD/HD stands for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It is characterized by inattention, distractibility, and impulsivity. There may be or may not be hyperactive squirmy and fidgety behavior. AD/HD affects 5-10% of children and continues into adulthood with transformed symptoms. The problem too often results in failure and tragedy in some realm of life.

Do not mistake long periods of hyper-focus on a game as evidence against ADD. The real problem is poor self-regulation of attention. It is flexible concentration and adaptable emotional intensity that promotes success.

We often see certain problems associated with AD/HD. These include learning disabilities, defiant attitudes, mood problems, and sleep disturbances. These related issues are not helped by the stimulant medications typically prescribed by physicians.

There is an elegant non drug solution to ADHD with many advantages. Since 1970, brain training with an EEG has proven effective for a growing number of physical and psychological complaints. AD/HD has been a leading area of research and application for direct brain training.

The idea behind this training is that when you interact with a display of your brain waves, you can self-repair the underlying problem. Instead of working chemically, brain training corrects the electrical properties of the brain. This training is a form of biofeedback which has been shown to reliably reduce symptoms in about 150 diverse disorders.

The advantage of clearing ADHD with training are that when the underlying disorder is cleared, the related learning, mood, and attitude problems also fade away. Research also shows the training to be highly effective and to be sustained in long term follow up studies. Side effects are rare and minimal.

Brain wave training involves simply learning to operate an efficient and quiet mind. The brain, EEG and software control any favorite music CD and computer images. When the mind is more calm and focused, the music plays and graphics move. When the mind is turbulent, the music and graphic pauses briefly. The thresholds are set so the music play 95-99% of the time. This play-pause contrast guides the trainee toward a calmer and more focused mind. The benefits are gradual and pervasive.

Brain training is also used for achieving optimal performance. Studies measuring IQ show an average of a 12 point gain. Brain wave training is used by athletes, performers, students, executives and military officers. They appreciate the improved mental focus and the emotional regulation that allows them to stay focused in the performance zone. Greater resilience and flexibility of the central nervous system is desirable in any human endeavor.