End Migraines, for good.

Your migraine headache pain will be gone or halved.

I will direct the improvement in your response to stress.  I’ll show you how to eliminate (usually) or reduce (by at least half) your migraine headaches, for good, with a new kind of biofeedback called neurofeedback.

The training occurs while you are sitting and relaxing in a chair, listening to music and watching an image.   While you are sitting, wearing sensors on your scalp, I will monitor readings with a sophisticated computer.  When an aspect of your central nervous system is wasting energy, the music and image will stop for a moment and start up again as you try a more efficient pattern.  I’ll arrange the feedback so that the music will be on most of time.

This information will allow you to become utterly calm and clean some mental clutter.  It is like saying “warmer” and “colder” to reduce micro agitations.

That’s it.  This kind of information will lead you away from suffering.  All you need to do is be awake.  Relaxation just occurs.  Better sleep and mental clarity are side benefits.  The technology is so advanced, it is simple for you.

The natural impulse to health will allow you to find better strategies for adapting to stress.  The training sessions are cumulative and results are enduring.  As you quiet more patterns of needless agitation, more resources can be devoted to whatever you are currently doing.

Soon your growing resilience allows greater flexibility as you optimize the functioning of your central nervous system.  There will be more energy for the sublime aspects of life when you release the weights that hold you down.

This is safe, simple, natural, and completely non-invasive.  I merely use brief moments of silence to indicate where you are wasting energy.  You do all the quieting of your own mind.  The conscious part of your mind is not relevant to this work.  The sensors detect wasted energy and the computer produces feedback.  It is like a mirror that shows you what you are doing, as you are doing it, so that you can improve by yourself.

Some clients need 20 hours of training over 3 months, most migraineurs need much less training.

If you call now, you may never have another migraine headache, ever again.