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Specializing in EEG Biofeedback
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Free Biofeedback to Help Veterans recover from TBI and PTSD

I am searching for a place to volunteer my time and money to help veterans.  I am grateful for your service and want to see this biofeedback method grow for the well-being of everyone.  And veterans know how to get things done.

I’m a psychologist specializing in biofeedback.  I want to demonstrate that we can heal a person struggling with psychological issues cheaply, quickly and efficiently in a simple setting.

I want to start with a small groups of 2-3 veterans who can devote themselves everyday for 2-3 weeks to become a therapeutic community.

We have the technology to promote recovery from PTSD (psychological trauma) and Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues experienced by veterans.  The research is very good for brain wave biofeedback: 80% success rates are typical.  Symptoms are usually cut in half.  Google: (“EEG biofeedback” or neurofeedback) + term of interest — or see my

The technology is now so advanced that sessions are easy to conduct.  I believe that it is so easy, that groups of veterans can train each other safely and effectively.  This means that substantial recovery is possible within 2-3 weeks at a cost as low as $50 per recovered veteran.

I want to replicate in a small way, the biofeedback program done in this research:   Here you will see that even homeless crack addicts had long term remission from addictions and got many other enduring mental health benefits.   BrainPaint is most popular with addiction centers, but has many kinds of benefits.  Here is a map of installations

I am willing to use my time and resources to launch this project.  I’ll provide the equipment (for a while), my license and professional liability insurance.  The cost of the equipment is about $500 per month.

The biofeedback program contains the SCL-90 (90 questions in a Symptom Check List) to assess progress.  Progress will also be measured each day based on individualized, quantifiable goals that most impact the trainees’ quality of life.

I believe that this advanced biofeedback is now so simple that residents can train each other.  I will train veterans to operate the biofeedback equipment and conduct sessions.  Fear not:  in hundreds of studies, there is no evidence of adverse effects from biofeedback.

This will require setting up a mini-clinic within a place where veterans can gather.  There will be a dedicated laptop computer (not good for anything else) and expensive equipment that will need security.  The room will need chairs, internet access and a power supply.  I’ll provide all the equipment, and consumables for biofeedback training:  Ten20 paste, isopropyl alcohol, and paper towels.

Each EEG biofeedback training session lasts 45-50 minutes with a small dedicated group training each other all day, every day to maximize resources and results.

The training consists of applying 2 scalp sensors to read brainwaves.  No electricity goes into you.  Then the computer uses audio and video feedback to guide you toward calm and focused brainwaves.  This will form a habit.

I believe that we can take several struggling veterans and produce veterans with reduced symptoms, with reduced suffering, with improved personality after 20-30 sessions – within a month, for between $50-100 per person.

I need a few people who can provide a place to meet near me and a small group dedicated to getting better.

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