There are only 2 kinds of devices that work to reduce and eliminate ADD with very high degrees of certainty. Both are available for home training. Under my guidance you can do this self-therapy at home or work. You can do it daily if you like. You can help others if you wish.

There are several phases to home training. We are both involved in all of them.

1. Decide which device you want: Infrared, Brainwave or both.

2. Agree to terms and pay security deposit. Pay rent and fee monthly.

3. Receive and set up the devices.

4. Learn how to operate the device yourself at home under my guidance.

5. Consult with me to customize your training and track results.

6. Train. Get better. Decide how healthy you want to be.

7. Return the device(s). Receive your security deposit.

1. Decide which device you want: Brainwave, Infrared or both.
Let’s discuss this choice. The two devices are completely different in every way.

The infrared device is simply a forehead sensor and a box to read results. It is usually connected to a DVD player, but that is not essential. Infrared is simple to use and understand: wear the sensor, make the numbers go up. Setting thresholds is optional. Setting up each session is like putting on a hat. The infrared device is very reliable and does not need a computer. Infrared training works by activating your brain to strengthen your innate ability to clear the symptoms away.

The brainwave device uses sensors with wires pasted to your head, an EEG and computer software. It needs a robust computer. In each session you fill little sensor cups with paste, place them on a clean head and ears, listen to music/watch an image and set 16 thresholds with your mouse to keep the music playing about 80% of the time. The sensitive connections and high-end software usually work, but needs some patience when it needs to be tweaked. The method works by training your brainwaves to do the opposite of what happens during a ADD symptoms, you learn to calm mental activity in a balanced manner.

Again, both work very, very well, with at least 90% success rates. Unless you are profoundly addicted to your medications or have some other kind of external constraint, these approaches will work if you do the training as directed. Using the devices consecutively adds completeness to the remedy. Using both together adds speed to relief. It’s like doing aerobics and stretching exercises plus strength training, except that those benefits fade.

2. Agree to terms of rental and pay security deposit.

For each device, the security deposit is $3200. The rental fee is $500/month for each device. The consulting fee is $120/hour with a minimum of 3 hours the first month and 1 hour in subsequent months. Rent and the consulting fee is paid monthly. Brief emails are not charged. The billing increment is one minute. Phone calls in the U.S. are toll-free. Any questions? The initial payment is $3200+500+360 = $4060. The $3200 is a deposit and can be returned when we are done.

3. Receive and set up the devices.

Instructions are included but each set up is different.

Infrared training. The device includes an IR sensor on a headband. This plugs into a control box 4” x 8” x 9” that is powered by a standard transformer. A universal remote control also attaches to the control box. It will command any DVD player, which is not included.

Brainwave training needs a good PC computer. It must be native Windows and AC 97 compliant and run Windows XP. If you want me to supply a computer it costs $1250 for PC (without monitor) and $2800 for a laptop plus shipping. Here the software comes pre-installed and I’ll guarantee operation. Brainwave training includes an EEG with optical cable, 6 sensors, conductive paste for the sensors and a supply of gel for cleaning skin.

4. Learn how to operate the device.

We will do this via phone or email. I’m offering both technical and clinical support.

5. Consult with me to customize your training and track results.

Each device is unique in operation and effect. The path to healing is different in each person. The side-benefits and possibility of side-effects also differ. Watching the results of training as we go is best done with collaboration and records.

6. Train. Get well. Decide how healthy you want to be.

I am completely confident that both devices work well to reduce ADD. Some people just want enough relief so they can control their symptoms. Others want to eliminate the risk of a hint of symptoms ever again. Both are possible. Some people love the idea of optimizing the brain for all the body, mind and spiritual benefits and want to actualize their potential after the symptoms are long gone.

7. Return the device(s). Receive your security deposit back.

When you ship the training units back to me (at your expense) I will inspect them to verify they are operational, merchantable and ready for use. If less than that standard, deductions from the deposit will be made for repair or replacement. I will send you a check within 2 weeks and settle the account.

If you wish to forego the deposit and keep either device, that is fine. The infrared device does not require any additional funds. The brainwave software needs an annual fee to keep it authorized which costs $100. Any form of payment and an email from me will allow you to keep training for another year.