Fitness training for the central nervous system has a profound impact on wellness, performance and productivity.  We boost both cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence.  Training is safe, fun and effective.  Much more than stress reduction, this is training to generically enhance talent.

Neurofeedback is brainwave biofeedback.  Neurofeedback is one-on-one training where an EEG detects brainwaves and computer software processes the digital signals.  Sounds and images reflect current brain activity.  We adjust thresholds for feedback allowing the executive to calm all their brainwaves.  The benefits are pervasive and enduring.

Neurofeedback is a training method to make the best and brightest, better and brighter. Acceptance of neurofeedback within business settings for peak performance training is lagging behind the military, schools, and among athletes, and artistic performers. We optimize the central nervous system.

The best example of neurofeedback in business is Hildebrand Industries.  When they started the program with the top tier of executives, Hildebrand was a Fortune 1000 company.  They ordered another round of training for the next tier of management.  Now they are a Fortune 500 company.  This story will be told in an upcoming issue of the Harvard Business Review.

The program was described to these executives as “attention training.”  The results were couched as improvements in the time the executive was able to sustain attention.  And all the testimonials reflect this mind set.

From the Journal of Organizational Excellence


Hillenbrand industries builds leadership capabilities to drive its new business strategy
Steve McMillen 1, Deborah Luebbe 2, Mindy Lauber 3
1Executive Development and Performance Improvement
2Executive Leadership Development
3Hillenbrand Industries, Batesville, Indiana




When successful Hillenbrand Industries adopted an aggressive new business strategy, it realized it might not have the leadership capabilities to execute it. It rethought its approach to leadership talent management, partnered with topnotch vendors, and employed leading-edge technologies to create integrated systems and processes for acquiring, developing, and deploying the best talent in its industries. Now, four years later, the cadre of leaders that has emerged has taken the company to even higher levels of performance © 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


  • The Army’s center for Peak Performance uses neurofeedback.
  • Sharpshooters at West Point train with neurofeedback.
  • Gradate students in music enhance their performance by 17% with neurofeedback.

One way to understand such diverse and robust results is to conclude that neurofeedback promotes resilience and flexibility of the central nervous system.
۞  Resilient, Efficient – Centered, buoyant, hardy stamina.
۞  Flexible, Effective – Agile, adapt, sparkle, creative improvisation.

Neurofeedback technology has grown in simplicity of use as well as its power.  Fitness training for the brain has a broad impact on physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being.

The central nervous system is central to all that you do. Neurofeedback makes people more effective, more human, more wise.