A Peaceful Mind is Sane, Healthy, Competent and Wise

Anxiety, depression, ADD, eating disorders, and many other nervous complaints respond very well to biofeedback training. Beyond that is enhanced personal effectiveness and emotional intelligence.

Seizures, migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS, sleep and many other physical problems are reliably and significantly reduced by biofeedback training. Super health is increased resilience and flexibility of mind and body.

Athletes, performers, students, business executives and military officers use biofeedback to improve skills and quality of performance. Biofeedback boosts physical ability, IQ and enables greater poise under pressure.

The opposite of foolish. With biofeedback, people tend to stop doing self-destructive behaviors such as crime, drugs, alcohol and end harmful relationships. Meditation becomes deeper and more pure. Life becomes more meaningful. Improved emotional intelligence means more self-awareness and self-control with greater personal charisma and sensitivity to others. There are new levels of profound knowing and apt action. Further trainng integrates mind, body and spirit. Stable and flexible are not opposites.

An enduring state of calm focus.