Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:35:55 -0400
From: “Jon Cowan” <>
Subject: U.S. Army Expands Biofeedback-based Performance Enhancement Program!

I just learned from Dr. Louis Csoka, the retired Colonel who started the Army’s Center for Enhanced Performance, that the Pentagon has approved and funded a program that will expand their offerings to 3 Army bases in the next year. If all goes well, the program will be expanded to another 10 bases in the second year. The goal is to offer this to almost every Army Officer. After visiting the West Point Center recently, the Army’s Chief of Staff stated “This is exactly what our officers need before we send them off to Iraq.”, so there is backing from the top.

The program will include three different types of biofeedback:

  1. The Freeze Framer from HeartMath
  2. EMG and respiration feedback
  3. The Peak Achievement Trainer. (Neurofeedback)

The 20 session program also includes affirmations, goal setting, and several other techniques.

This will create permanent positions for a number of individuals skilled in these training techniques. Dr. Csoka is planning to offer advanced training programs to those who are selected. I’ll keep you informed.


Jonathan D. Cowan, Ph.D., BCIACEEG
President and CTO, NeuroTek, LLC.