NEUROFEEDBACK is a specific form of biofeedback.

BIOFEEDBACK refers to the process of feeding physiological signals from the body back to the organism generating the output. A realtime feedback loop can alter the underlying production of many biological processes. Biofeedback is like a mirror that links bio-measures to the autonomic or central nervous system. Your can increase your hand temperature by holding a thermometer and intending to raise the numbers. Any realtime bio-monitoring technology is a candidate for biofeedback applications from hearing heart rate to watching magnetic imaging. Computer processing of the signals and mediation of the feedback has magnified the power of all forms of biofeedback.

NEUROFEEDBACK uses signals based on neural activity and displays these to the signal creator in order to bring neural processes under control. Since 1970 neurofeedback has used microvolt brainwaves detected at the scalp with an EEG. Hemoencephalography feeds back thermal brain emissions in the near infrared spectrum.

Neurofeedback has broad and numerous applications from raising IQ in anyone, performance enhancement and to provide relief for numerous physical and psychological disorders. Typical applications range from improving attention, cognitive processes and sleep to reducing anxiety, depression and pain.

The mechanisms of action are unknown, but the bioelectrical perspective to mental health has shown remarkable promise in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the central nervous system. Neurofeedback has proven significant success rates in resolving many intractable disorders such as ADHD, epilepsy, and migraine headaches. Scientific research has established efficacy to all but the most stringent medical criteria.

The safety of neurofeedback and the general absence of deleterious side effects of these methods is remarkable. The power of neurofeedback is a testament to the beneficial effects of continuous direct self-information in order to improve functioning.