Alert Focus combines biofeedback awareness training and coaching to help you overcome the stress of change and uncertainty. We make it easy to learn how to improve personal health and performance for greater workplace productivity.

Alert Focus gets you In The Zone – a state of optimum performance. In The Zone is feeling ease, energy, and with ample capability.

We come to you for biofeedback awareness and training sessions. We guide you in person and on the phone to apply your learning. We work with you to direct your increased capacity toward business goals. You keep the lasting benefits by living In The Zone.

Everyone can learn how to ‘be at your best’ nearly all the time. The process is quick (several sessions plus homework), cheap (several options), and easy (sit and concentrate on the feedback). Anyone can improve work performance, health, and quality of life. The strongest economic benefits go to those in a position to make the largest business impact.

How it works

We use training and biofeedback to provide self-awareness. Improved awareness of inner states promotes self-regulation. First we show you The Zone. Gradually you learn how to stay there. Soon you are working at your best, without strain, and doing all aspects of you life with greater calm, energy, and assurance. Success naturally follows.

Our easy-to-use training solutions boost and sustain health. Both performance and productivity go up. The improvements are typically dramatic. They are long lasting because awareness and self-regulation means self-correcting.

As you become skilled at regulating your own emotions, skill with people always increases. Awareness and skill with your own feelings and with other people is called emotional intelligence.

Obtaining this degree of benefit is safe and described as interesting or pleasant. You just watch your heartbeat and learn to produce more regular rhythms. As your heartbeats rhythm becomes more steady, all kinds of wonderful things happen to your health, mind, and emotions. There is ample scientific research.

A more regular heartbeat is coherent. A coherent heart beat sends a pure message that your brain follows. Soon your heart and head are in sync and moving together toward harmony. It really is that simple, if you can watch and learn with Alert Focus biofeedback.

We offer clean and clear procedures, no mumbo-jumbo. We read your dynamic heart rate and show you the patterns you are producing now. We give you a target for optimal heart rate variability and you feel the benefits within minutes or in a couple of sessions.

The benefits will be obvious. You can tell that something good and right is occurring. Increased heart-body-mind synchrony and coherence are clearly preferred.

You may not know that you are balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of your autonomic nervous system, but you will feel the benefits.

Focus and Attention Building with Computer Assisted Training

Yes, greater mental focus can be achieved by everyone with biofeedback.

This is another kind of biofeedback to safely bring your central nervous system in sync. With enough sessions of this biofeedback training, 75 to 90% of clients say they have greater concentration, memory, creativity. They report improved capacity to learn and solve complex problems. Health and emotional intelligence benefits are common.